SEP014: Multitasking and outsourcing with Lauren Heaydon

As teachers, we become a whole lot more… Friends, parents, carers, mentors… This is what Lauren Heaydon notices before starting

Running a business part-time means you’re constantly wearing multiple hats. Lauren Heaydon talks making the most of the time you have and outsourcing.

Lauren was a teacher who noticed her role in the classroom, and in her tutoring school, as becoming more and more like a mentorship.

From there, Lauren noticed that the mental and physical health battles that our teens face every day are becoming a burden and shadow that casts over Aussie families. So Lauren decided to do something about it, starting, a platform that mentors Australian youth through vital teenage years.

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So I was Primary School trained out of university went straight into a classroom as a tag to read. And within about six months, I was like, No, I don’t want to do the so I resigned from my permanent position. And I took off overseas and did the whole Europe thing, but also taught in London and Manchester.

That was interesting. Yeah,

then I came back. And I thought to myself, no, I want to own a business. So when you’re a teacher, and you want to own a business, I think you feel that you need to run a tutoring business. And it was something that I’d done while I was at university as well. So as a side job, so I thought, well, you know, I can get an ABN and get a business name and start my business. So I pretty much did that. But at the same time, money Money Talks, and there was a few positions in my area going so I took up her attention pre roll, which ended up turning into you know, six months turned into two years, because a lot of the time when you go in as a casual teacher or as a as a 10th, you you might think you going for a week or a month, but you end up being there for longer than you intended.

And then from there, very disgruntled again,

took up part time

position was that as it was at at a school, yeah,

at a school in a class as a classroom, teacher and space that I was supposed to, say, six months and stay there two years. And my intention was when I came back from the UK that no, I was not going back to teaching and I would tell everyone, I’m sorry, but I just hate profession. I’m not doing this anymore. But as I said, money talks and you know, you need a paycheck from week to week, especially when you come home, you pay and you’re you know, minus 10 K and it Yeah, yeah. Um, so yeah, I did always did ran my tutoring business while while holding different roles at school. So

I could, a lot of the time I work full time at school, and then shooter from, say, four to eight, 830 every evening, all day set day.

So I always had two income streams coming in, I was able to pay off debt, you know, and get myself into a really good financial position. But Geez, I was tired from it. And school, I I could cope with the school work and, and having those other jobs. I think as a teacher, I know that work, ladies is crazy. But you got to get smart when you’re a teacher. And you really get smart about the workload as well. I, I see a lot of teachers in school, and now, you know, there’ll be a staff meeting, and the teacher will say, and, you know, the principal said, Who wants to do this? Who wants to do that? And you’ll have people who constantly go, yeah, I’ll do that. Yep, I’ll do that. Nothing. Oh, my God, you need to concentrate on your classroom, you need to concentrate it, you work at hand, they were just putting, you know, taking on so many extra roles and, and things like that as well. So I would say that I, I was mad about things as when I was a teacher wouldn’t take on too much workload, but I would look after my students. And that’s what I believe my role was to do within a school not to take on, you know, running the staff meetings or running, you know, the end of your events or the Christmas concert or whatever else. Yeah, and I like,

I understand that, you know, those things have to get done. But I always say the same people putting their name down for, you know, three, four, you know, five different things throughout the year. And, you know, it’s okay to do you know, one little thing, but if you keep adding more and more to your workload, like you said more, and you’ve got to work harder. And I sorry, you got to work smarter and not harder,

right? Yeah,

keep going. Sorry, I cut you off there,

ya know, and it was during that time working smarter, not part of that I thought, you know what, I want to run a business here, I’ve got things that I want to achieve. I can’t seem to do the these in these walls around me, all these gates that I’m locked into, from 830 to 330 every afternoon. And but you know, running, having that passion, I gave me the ability to unite set up businesses on the side, I started a property portfolio.

So I never regret doing what I did as a teacher like people say, you don’t teach now, you after 12 years, you’re not at school anymore. I thought, yeah, but I went to university for four years, I learned a lot at university, whether I use those skills directly to be a teacher, the skills that you learn as a teacher,

so valuable for so many other jobs, and occupations and businesses, you know,

as a teacher, you become good at multitasking. Like I the things that I do every day, I’m constantly multitasking. Where did I learn that skill from? I learned that skill from being a teacher. Yeah,

I completely agree. And like you said, it’s all about having transferable skills, and being adaptable. And it’s things that we take for granted without teaching. And it’s a skill that we have, because we have, if you’re a high school teacher, you’ve got, you know, 100 and something students, you’ve got to look after, if you’ve got if you’re in the primary sector, you’ve usually got, you know, 25 to 30 students who, you know, like the back of your hand, and having those trends, having those skills and those skills that are so transferable to running a business as well. And it really puts teaches in a almost like a bit of a head start, if they want to start a business on the side. And you said that you kind of wanted to leave teaching

all I wanted to leave taking, I knew I wanted to play teaching after my first six months of being in the role. But again, I said, Money Talks. Yeah, you know, you get

a paycheck to the next week to two weeks of the year. And when you run a business, you may not make any money for the first two years, which way you’re going to go. Yeah,

and that’s the thing. It’s like, it’s not for everyone. It’s definitely not a position that’s, you know, teaching isn’t a job that is for everybody. And, like, the, the,

the retention rates of teachers, especially, like, especially grads is

like, it’s, it’s pretty concerning, because they, they can lose a lot of, you know, a lot of a lot of teachers because I’ve either started in the wrong fashion or, you know, like the first school you’re at, and the first job you walk into,

really can lay the land and say, what you you know, your future in the job? Yeah,

it sets out that first, that first position in a school really set your your impression up for what you think may lie ahead for the rest of your life. Like, there’s nothing that pains me more to see a young graduate come out and stay in that position for the next 35 years. Oh, yeah,

that’s it,

it because I, you know, and I’m probably going to cover a lot of flack for saying that. But

even, you know, staying there until you go on maternity leave left with women, because a lot of teachers, you know, there’s a lot of perks when your mom and your teacher and you know, they generally hold that permanent position, it’s close to their home at works with their husbands work, then they have their first child, and then I come back two days a week, and I have this for another six months, and then they have this second child and I can I completely get a convenience of it. But is that person ever going to leave that school or that place? No, probably not. Is that good for kids? Absolutely not. Like, I really think the government needs to look at this. And you know, it’s time to move on. He’s a tech on the show, he’s another position and make it a bit more transferable. Because those people who are in those positions, they’re making impressions for our graduates are coming through. And our graduates think that that’s the norm. And in the real world, I’m sorry, that’s not the norm. Yeah,

and I think a massive part of the problem you’re pointing out, Lauren is, if you’re teaching for a look at this way, I don’t have a problem with teaching for 35 years, as long as you don’t teach the same year, 35 times. Yeah, you should always you should always be learning and always be adding. But like you said, when you’re

when you’re at the same place for a while, and whether it be the same school teaching the same subject, you know,

in the same career, you can get stagnant and you stop learning. And we’ve all seen other teachers who are like that. And I’m glad you kind of pointed this out. Because I know that there are definitely teachers who disagree with what I say, when it comes to

to my opinions. But that’s fine. And it’s one of those things where if you’re teaching the same year, 35 times, you’re not learning and you’re not growing, and you’re not getting better at your job. And teaching is one of those things where you need to be constantly getting better. And, you know, some teachers can stay at the same school for their whole career, and keep finding ways to innovate and finding new ways to do things. And that’s incredible. But not everyone can do that. And if you’re getting complacent with what you do,

at the end of the day, teaching can be the easiest job in the world. If you want it to be, you’re just going to be like, not good at it. I almost wore them.


if you want to do what’s best for your students, and like you said, when you’re a teacher, that’s your job is to do what’s right for your students. Yeah, you know, yeah,

look, these are just my opinions. And and I mean, everyone’s entitled to their own say, and that should be respected. But when you talk about young graduates, that it generally does become the case. I don’t know, I don’t know many teachers who actually love their job. And it’s sad. Yeah, and I can imagine that teachers who are listening to us right now, probably nodding their head, maybe in a little bit of quietly, possibly, I’m not sure.

Or, you know, I think there would be some element where there would be the majority of teachers, you may agree with it. Yeah,

I think so, too. And it’s one of those things where finding ways to innovate and finding ways to grow. And I think that’s, you know, at the end of the day law, and that’s why I do what I do with this podcast, and with the website is to get teachers to, to grow into learn a little bit, and you don’t have to change everything you’re doing. But having, you know, like you said, you had your tutoring business, you had ideas of starting your own business, and a little side hustle. And I think that having that in the education system, and working smarter to get the time to do that, because we all have the time I think that’s a cop out when people say they don’t, yeah,

so big excuse

it is, and

it’s one of those things where you learn by having a business or by it doesn’t even have to be a business, it could be a blog that you just do as a hobby, it could be something outside of teaching that gets you solving new problems and those skills that you learn from that a skills that you’re going to pass on to your students. So Exactly, yeah, like,

at the end of the day, it’s it’s a world where the workforce has half the jobs at the moment are freelance and then growing and growing and growing. And we tell students to succeed by sitting, being quiet and following orders. And yeah, it just, it doesn’t mesh with what’s actually happening out there. And teaching is its own little bubble where we’re kind of separated from the rest of the workforce in a way. Yeah,

so you’ve got me on a bit of a tangent now, because I completely agree with what you’re saying. And

that complacency is detrimental to the students. And even if you’re starting a business like you are in the you could be starting at to grow and be a better teacher, or you could be starting at to eventually leave the profession. But I think having something outside of teaching will

drastically improve what you’re doing the time, then

I think it definitely would make teachers better teachers, I remember, I’ve had a few conversations with people over the years, and we say, you know, we used to look at maybe a group of teachers, hey, you could tell that really dislike their job, and you feel it saying to them, You do realize how good you they, you’ve got it or, you know,

go and go and do something else for a little while. And, and you realize that it’s, it’s quite a good place to be,

but you need to go and look at some other things to do first, or go and do some other things to really appreciate what you have as a teacher as well. Yeah,

and people are definitely going to disagree with me here are some people will, but that’s okay. Yeah, Jay, teachers complain a lot. Um,

it’s, there’s, you know, a lot to mention. And we all work incredibly hard. And there’s a lot of teachers out there who are, you know, doing those extra little bits and pieces, like you mentioned before, and, you know, working a lot,

but at the end of the day, I like you said, if it’s all you know,

and there are teachers who, you know, they go, they do high school, they go to university and go straight back to school, and then teach there for 35 years. And all they know, is the education system. Yeah,

and I am I have to say that it’s the system that’s the problem, it’s not our teachers in

that’s Yeah, that’s, that’s a really good point. That’s

like, you know, what, I probably if I had to go to school on work, yeah, was that I do the work, those hours that teachers do. Now,

I probably would whinge a lot as well, because what teachers are expected to do in regards to not their job isn’t to teach anymore. It’s a whole multitude of other things. I probably have a good window as well. Yeah,

no, that’s, that’s, that’s a really good point, I want to make that clear as well. Because at the end of the day, we’re playing within the room that have been set, I guess where to put it,

the rules, the rules get set for us. And by sort of playing with that game, I guess

education it’s a bit like health it’s become a fashion and a trend and over complicated so you know, if the UK say, Oh, we need to start learning timetables again, will then Australia or New South Wales Victoria will jump on and go are you case that we need to start living times tables again, we need to start learning times tables, hello, you’re always busy teaching time. Yeah,

this isn’t a new thing. But it’s sort of, I really feel like Australian standards have gone down the Google App purely because they’ve gotten away from

from the real basics of that. The fact is, when you’re a teacher, you should just be teaching, not doing 101 other jobs, or, you know, 100 and other ones, cases of paperwork that you know, get filed in a cabin and may come out in a bookcase in 30 years time. Like it’s just been overtaken by compliance and accreditation and accountability that nobody has any actual time to teach anymore, or be within their classroom anymore. Yeah,

that’s a really, really good point you make and I want to go back just to the back to before out like massive tangent, which I love. By the way,

I’d like to go a bit more back to so you had a you started your tutoring and then you went back into the classroom and be always

in and out in analyse

in the whole of 12 years. In a nutshell, kids started doing some casual teaching, but then always would get a block and then get another 12 months. And I ended up literacy, you know, early years, and also special education became a real love of mine. And that developed not from being a teacher that developed from running my tutoring business. So I did my rating recovery training. And I love that. And that worked perfectly with my tutoring business as well, because I was able to work, you know, half days at school, and then leave, have a couple of hours break, go to the gym, and then get started back at tutoring again, at 330 in the afternoon. So, you know, for anyone listening out there who thinks or maybe, you know, I’d like to do something on the side part time positions, reading, recovery, especially education, casual teaching, it really does allow for you to do other things as well. So that Reading Recovery worked well. Then I finished my time as a teacher as a three day week permanent position, which would you would think would be absolutely perfect for a mom who was just about to go on maternity leave, I could return come back to my three days. But after being home to 12 months to really hone in on my business and work on my online business, which has launched this year. And I really didn’t want to go back at all to tell you the truth. Yeah.

And I find that a lot of teachers who,

who have their like a part time position of three or four days a week,

like for example, I taste with someone at the moment who’s just finished while just they came back from maternity leave. And then they came back into a part time position. And now they’re back to full time for their first year doing that. And they’ll telling me like, they were working more part time because all the stuff all the extra stuff that we have that extra little bit of time to do at school,

she had to do it at home. And yeah,

I actually

find that same amount of hours. Yeah,

I actually find that really interesting. I’ve had the same thing as well, like, I’ve had friends who have said, You know what, I’m just saying that five days a week, because because when I do my three days on my knee, and home on the fourth and fifth day doing work anyway, I might as well go back and get paid for the five days. I don’t know, I start to think there is that because the other job share teacher isn’t pulling their weight correctly as well. Or is that because like that, that shouldn’t if that was in the corporate world, that wouldn’t be allowed to happen? Yeah,

but I think it Yeah, I know, I know what you mean. But it’s one of those things where

So for example, if it’s an English teacher, those essays still have to get marked, and you have less you have less time. Yeah, you have less release time to do it in. But

yeah, that’s a good point. Like,

it’s, it’s the stuff it’s still like, it’s got to get done and you report still have to get written and all that. So

it shouldn’t be the case. But that’s a system problem. Exactly, exactly. If you’ve got a part time teacher being only paid point six have a full time wage, then they should only be pulling away for 60% of the time, not 100% of the time. So again, that’s the government that I have a problem with, who don’t realize what the hell is going on within those gates. And within those four walls of the classroom. Yeah,

and it’s the thing where

teachers will do what has to get like it, it will get done. And it’s and it results in teachers working too hard. And it’s it’s really tricky. So you started you mentioned in your year off you started so that was when you started mental, which is what you’re running now. Is that correct? Yeah,

that’s exactly right. So I launched after having my baby I launched back into my tutoring business and I could take on and actually could take on my wife had a lot of help from family and friends to mind baby in the afternoon. So I went for hold back into my business. It was absolutely crazy time we in our household because I hadn’t you know, a baby and my husband was doing big days and then coming home. But anyway, that’s what I choose to do that no one else’s worried that I’m launch my business again. And over the years, I’ve had children, you know, started with kids and say, three, four, and see them all the way through to your 11 and 12 because I’ve been running my tutoring business for 16 years now, I have seen a lot of kids go all the way through into university or the workforce and basically over the years, and again, I think this comes from teachers being stressed and the school system not doing their thing correctly, is I’ve seen way too many kids finishing school and they absolutely nervous Rex, they’re completely and totally stressed. They’re not coping with a whole multitude of things that teenagers struggle with. But it’s even bigger and better than was when we were kids. And when our parents were kids, and I think that’s a lot to do with

social media, Instagram, Facebook, whatever else as well. Cyber bullying. Bullying seems to be an epidemic, but I really don’t believe it’s an epidemic. I believe that there’s another into it where kids need to become more resilient.

But that’s probably a whole other podcast, I think. So yeah, yeah.

And it’s things I’ve just seen these kids, their health is very that overweight or underweight. And that goes for boys as well as girls in my time of becoming a teacher as well. I also became a personal trainer and applied his instructor. So I also where, you know, did part time work in that area as well. And I just, I would sit there and I would talk to my kids, we’d be doing equations and the next thing you know, they’re asking me about nutrition, or they’re asking me about, you know, meditation or or, you know, they’re off on any depressants and things like portraits and psychologists. And I was like, hold on, have you have you done any yoga? Or have you meditated? Or what are you waiting? Because, you know, you shouldn’t be distressed. And, you know, I’d end up mentoring them on this, their nutrition and their health and, and just friends and I thought, Oh, my God, no wonder these kids on achieving it school like their whole life is completely and totally out of balance

and the things that they’re learning at school. Yeah, might help them get there a time to get into university. But what about these kids who don’t want to go to university, like the stuff they’re learning at school is completely and utterly irrelevant? Yeah,

I agree with that. Completely.

Yes. So that’s where mental you came about. Because I was constant. I was going from one student to the other side, the same thing over and over again, you know, explaining how to study doing math, but also talking about food, talking about diet, exercise, talking about, you know, holistic practices that really, we should all learn at school in order to stop you know, these kids having to take any depressants and being at psychologists and, and being overweight or being underweight, like just so many issues and being constantly stressed all the time.

And the other problem was that I would also talk to parents and and give them hints and tips because a lot of the times parents with completely and totally stressed as well. And that’s what I meant to you came about, because what about all these other things that are taught at school? What about if we could provide a service that was completely and utterly affordable

to 10s of thousands of people at a time

and not having to pay 250, $300

every time we stepped into a doctor’s surgery or not have to pay, you know, hundreds of dollars to go and see a physician because, you know, we’re eating the wrong foods, or, you know, we’ve got Paul gut health because we’re eating the wrong foods. And now we’re constipated. Like, these are the things that our kids are experiencing. Because they’re just not taught these things at school. And unfortunately, a lot of our parents are on way too busy as well. Or our parents don’t even know this stuff in order to teach their kids. And so the teachers, they’ve got that much paperwork to do that they can’t do it. And I honestly think as well that these teachers a lot of the time don’t actually have good stress relief, stress related practices themselves, because they constantly stressed and winning and in a job that they really dislike. So what type of their kids got, there’s no role models. If there is a role model at someone like Kim Kardashian, who’s telling people to second a lollipop that will make them feel Yeah, yeah, it like, you know, so. So that’s where mentoring you came about. And we’re completely online. And we will always be completely online.

And parents struggle with that sort of it, because they feel like their kids are online all the time. But that’s how kids learn. Yeah,

you gotta go to where the market is. And it’s, it’s a membership site, if I’m correct, yeah.

And he’s out a membership site. Yeah. And it’s completely affordable, because that was another thing that my parents struggled with a lot of the time was when they’re asked to go and do something, there are some, you know, open up their wallet and spend be wherever they go. And there’s one problem after the next and they’re getting nowhere. So that’s where I pulled together a team of specialists, they’re all trained professionals in a field, and it’s 995 a month or $59 for the year. So it’s 120 if you pay that amount of $59 for the year. And the best thing is, you need one login per family. So whether you have wonderful children, you can use the same login because the parent owns that login. Yeah,

that’s cool. And when it comes to building a membership site, because I I chat with a lot of, you know, teachers that are obviously running their own business, and I know so looking at doing membership sites in either if they’re selling teaching resources, and they want to, you know, a paid membership or something like that, how you go about growing a membership site, because it’s a it could be a tricky little prospect.

Oh, look at this has been, I’m not gonna lie. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done that I’ve given birth naturally. And I think starting this business was harder than giving birth naturally, without any drugs. They probably the two hardest things I’ve ever done in life and mentor you’ve had been part of and giving birth naturally, and it’s you don’t sleep.

I’m being honest tea startups a hard I recently listened to name is SM from the shark tank. Who owns red balloon talk about they asked her, you know, would you do another startup again? And she said, Absolutely not. She said when people get our startups, startups, she goes really do you know what’s involved, but that’s not for the faint hearted. Like that’s not saying that but I will. I’m a sucker for punishment. But you need to understand that this is hard, like, I don’t know where my next dollars coming from. A lot of the time, I had to get into a lot of debt and household like into a half a mortgage in order to start up this but the flexibility that I have from day to day and the rewards I’m getting out of it. When I have a student who messaged me and said you know, it was because of mental you that I’m in the right university career at the moment. It’s absolutely amazing. And next you Shiva. Yeah, yeah.

But in regards to say, do you want to know about marketing? Or do you

like how do you did you do you have like a content based around this where you building an audience or you got

that much. Yeah.

And it was very skeptical of business page in the star, but I definitely and Adrian dealmaker and I highly highly recommend him he’s not over a business coaches can be very overly priced. And he’s a very down to earth What you see is what you get and the best thing about a business coaches that you can work from anywhere. So it’s like I mean, I mean, he says, Well, during Victoria at the moment, you know, we don’t have to be in the same place or time to to meet and to be where we are. And he basically put me on to a lot of his contacts but we I’ve I outsource on that I don’t use projects that I outsource to the Philippines. Yeah, I hope everything’s

cool. And what I know I’ve got a few sorry to cut you off. But I’ve got I know I was actually chatting with some business owners who are looking at the stage where they need to outsource and they’re looking at doing, you know, either virtual assistants or something in an online capacity. Where do you because I know finding good help can be hard, as I say, where do you find or where do you know where you get your virtual assistant out sourced from? Yeah,

so when I first looked at this, I went to a friend of mine who’s an entrepreneur and she said to me are you outsource? And I was like, Okay, this is a new word I’ve never heard of this before she goes let me meet and I’ll go through it all with you. And she put me on to fiber and she put me on to up works and she also just be on to someone name and email address in the Philippines. And I was like, well, this is a bit scary. So do I just, you know, email me and she’s like, Yeah, do you know that wow. And I don’t have to make me seem at the coffee shop and she’s that no, yeah.


and so that was that was obviously that’s the person you use now the one who is

why I didn’t go that way at all. Then I met my business coach and he put me on to a whole other avenue of people basic which I felt more comfortable with. There’s a place in Queensland and the man’s name is David judge and he has a business called affordable

affordable staffing and he is the middleman between me and the virtual assistant in the Philippines so name is my virtual assistant yeah I him $12 an hour he’s ridiculously efficient sometimes we have some English as second language issues I’m not gonna lie there but I am i have i know online I have to be at as black and white and as explicit as possible so I put on my teachers hat and think about my cell children that I had in my classroom and I talked to him like that and then we have David who is our middle me yeah that’s all I have a problem I got a David so I say look man just doesn’t get as and he’ll get on the glow straightaway their name and died yet. And so today we can a second so I’m pay the Australian men in Philippine dollars, I suppose. And then he thought without paying his virtual assistant. Yeah, actually. assistance.

Oh, wow. And one thing I’ve noticed with people that have outsourced before and got help, especially from overseas and usually want to do the things that are easily repeatable in a way that I’ve sort of done that is download like a free bit of software like OBS or something to your computer, and just screen share, like record yourself doing it on the computer a couple of times, and you can always send that video is like a how to guide to whoever the virtual assistant is. And that’s something that I know that people that have asked us before and I’ve always given them the rundown of what to do, and it could be something that keeps going back and it’s good for a business owner as well to sort of put everything that do into a system because yeah, yeah, sometimes especially when you by yourself, you’re wearing all the hats and you’re balancing everything and everything’s kind of in your head and you have to do everything is you know, in between your ears and putting that out there and putting it into a system makes it so much more efficient I guess would be a good way to put it. Yeah,

absolutely. Setting up systems has been it you know, for a new business it’s very hard to set up a system when you don’t have a system yet but once you have those systems in place, it’s just like running the classroom once you have those systems in place it’s just me it’s it really smooth sailing from there

another thing Vince that I honestly love I’m where I’m at right now is zoom. Yeah, I completely I had the webinar version. So I pay and I have a pay for my business partner to have a

a host as well. So I pay $98 a month for my zoom account. But all my god like it has been a godsend in regards to meetings. It has been a godsend in regards to providing content from my website. And it’s also been a godsend in providing providing a record for me as well, because every meeting I have is recorded. And actually, Kate that meeting any fun is something I didn’t take a note on that. Then I got an A record of that meeting through a video or audio. Yeah,

and there’s also if you don’t want to start with the paid version, there’s also a free version of zoom as well, which has some limitations to it, obviously. Yeah, for what for if you’re just doing the basics, it’s, it’s more than enough. Yeah,

absolutely. If you just scheduling meetings and things like that, I think like friend Unlimited, like it could be 20 to $30 a month. Yeah,

so it’s, yeah, there’s so many great little tools out there that make it a lot easier is there so when you have a couple of things that you do going from what you’re saying and what I’m understanding is trying to outsource what you can what was it actually it was the first thing you outsourced that’s that’s interesting. That’s

Atlas was the actual website. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And it was my I’m very lucky that my sister in law is a graphic designer so I get makes rates for that if I didn’t receive mates rates for a graphic designer, I did find a graphic designer that did my animated logos and did some formatting of Word docs on fiber.

So you can find

you know, logos logos and and mmm logos and you can get Word docs done by finding a freelancer I’m fiber. Yeah,

exactly. And that’s such a good place to start out with fiber as well. It’s, um, yeah, it’s, it can be a bit of like, hit or miss, depending on who you go with. But it’s like any other marketplace where you just got to look. And if you don’t trust someone straight away with something super expensive, maybe give them a small task first and see how they go. And you can always go back and

well, that the best thing is that I give you quite as well. So there’s a little bit of chewing and throwing in the beginning before you actually agree on a job. And I actually find that within some of the Facebook closed groups, I mean, within entrepreneur groups, and just within my local area, like people will start people won’t just recommend fiber. they’ll recognize, though, recommend that person on fiber as well. So I think you any sort of have to ask the question with inside entrepreneurs group or within a group setting and need actually find the name and email address have someone on fiber as a as a referral base? Yeah,

definitely. And it’s, it’s such a handy little tool to have it all those little things like you said, like when it comes to, for example, the website and there are things that, you know, it’s easy to get a WordPress theme and tweak it and do what you want with it. But for little bits and pieces, like I know, when I first started out, I was trying to adjust something. And I was literally like, I had my website, opening one tab, and you know,

some YouTube video explaining what to do in the other tab, and I, you’re doing the code, like the copying and pasting codes over to your website, and everything, all you have to do is like, miss one little, you know, one little key tap. And yeah, like, for example, I think so on my, I was trying to adjust what the what the words would look like, what the copy was going to look like, I wanted it sort of centered. And instead of putting, like, the percentage, I put, like, how many pixels that was, or something like or the other way around. And it looks fine on a computer. But if you tried it on like a smaller screen. So if you’re logged into my like, my website on a phone, like it would just be one letter at a time, like one like one letter per line and have to scroll and it was just the worst thing in the world. And it’s little things like that, that

you want notice, especially if you’re on the adjusting your like, it wasn’t until someone messaged me, and they’re like, What’s up with this other? Right? I could probably still be like that

absolutely been. And unless somebody and how many people may have seen that before somebody actually showed you

a lot of people wearing yo yo was is

yeah. Oh, yeah. I I couldn’t personally do any of that myself. So with me, when I was working out whether I was going to take this job in Australia, or whether I was going to outsource it, it was like, okay, so am I going to spend more marketing on my website? Or am I going to spend more marketing on? Or am I going to spend more money on on marketing and at the end of the day marketing is what gets you into your website. So when you’re looking at budgets, I think it’s a really good idea to be spending more money on marketing than it is actually to be spending on your actual product. Yeah,

I i think i think that’s a good point as well. Like, it’s, it’s not the Field of Dreams. And, you know, if you it’s not exactly build it, and that will come, it’s you’ve got to let people know about it. And whether that be through content marketing, or paid advertising or social media or like a mix of a mix of everything, just actually make sure you focus on one thing in particular nail that, especially if you by yourself, it can be really tricky to you kind of feel like you have to do everything. Yeah,

that’s another thing that I it’s probably another webinar but when you’re in a school, as a teacher, you’ve always got somebody to work with, you either have a great partner, or you have a stage partner, or you have a mentor when you do make that jump as an entrepreneur, you generally on your own. Yeah, yeah,

it’s, it’s, it can be a pretty lonely world sometimes.

Absolutely. Like I talked to people in listen at shopping centers now, because I don’t have that interaction with people from day to day like it Yes, most of the time. Okay. But other times I go, gee, I wouldn’t mind having lunch with someone. Yeah, yeah,

definitely. And it’s one of those things where it’s, you know, it’s your own little bubble and it can be it can be really tricky. And finding those people that you have a similar connection with, when it comes to business is always handy. They don’t have to be other teachers that are in the field or can be just someone else who knows what it’s like to run a business and whether that be like, you know, joining your local Chamber of Commerce and meeting some people or at like a local networking group or just something and

not only can it lead to other business opportunities for you but it can also have it can really help in regards to just knowing someone else who’s in the same situation as you

Yeah, that’s right yeah, yeah, there’s another tip there you could tell her down and Oh

yeah, exactly. And

we could talk about how close the school system is

oh we could this could be like a 12 hour epic it could be like my version that we can be like our version of been her it’ll just be

Lauren you’ve been absolutely incredible thank you so much for all of your assessment of your help today where Can everyone who’s listening Where can they contact you Where can they learn more about what you’re doing

yeah my first point of code via our Facebook page and so at mentor you one I’m also Instagram is Instagram is mentor you underscore us and we website is WWE dot mentor and so but the Facebook page is the best place I’m very open to private messages and comment on us you know, a post happy to give out as much information that people require.

Awesome. Lauren, thank you very much. Thank you then,


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