My name is Vince Massara, I am a business owner, writer, and most importantly, a teacher like you.

Finding ways to prepare our students for the new-age workforce has become a passion of mine throughout my teaching career. However, it wasn’t until I started my first business did it all begin to make sense.

I can honestly say that starting my own business changed my life and my teaching. I felt like I was more effective and better preparing my students with skills for the modern workforce.

The workforce is changing. With almost 50% of jobs being freelance, we need to re-think the skills we teach in the classroom.

However, you probably have already found that in your own life…

I host the Smart Edupreneur Podcast, as a passion project, where I am lucky enough to share the stories of teachers who are incorporating entrepreneurship into their lives and their classrooms.

These teachers who I chat with are leading a new wave of educators who are preparing themselves, and their students for the gig economy. Helping educators’ understand and use of these innovations for personal and professional use motivate me to keep learning.


I bring a creative, passionate, and energetic approach to teaching and learning to his classrooms and schools. Additionally, Chris is a collaborative-minded, forward-thinking, and problem solving professional which benefits the entire school community.


I grew up in a small town in Victoria called Swan Hill, and am a proud graduate of MacKillop College, Swan Hill, where you would have been able to find me at the local soccer pitch.

Currently, I reside in Geelong (Vic) and teach in Melbourne’s western suburbs. I still love playing soccer and consider myself to be a somewhat knowledgeable sports fan. I love going to see the mighty Blues in the AFL, and one day I might even see them win. 

In the rest of my free time, I love being outdoors, going for a hike or lounging at the beach.


All the best,