Benefits of including sports to your lessons

It seems like every month there is a big sporting event on the calendar. Using these events are a massive untapped opportunity in a lot of schools.

There are plenty of benefits of using these sporting events, here are two of my favourites.

You can engage more students

Bringing sports into the school curriculum can be a great tool in engaging those students who’d rather be out kicking the footy than doing their homework.

It doesn’t matter if the students like Soccer, Youth Baseball, Rugby, or whatever else… there are plenty of ways to grab attention of your students.

The events are consistent

A great benefit of using sporting events is that they are constant and can be planned into the curriculum well in advance.

Want to cover the Rugby World Cup? No worries, it happens every four years. Hell, you can even alternate with the Soccer World Cup and do similar events every two years instead of four.

What about if you want something that can be reused yearly… Well, you can turn to like the Superbowl, or the AFL Grand Final.

Unlike using current events, these sporting events can be planned well in advance and be re-hashed when needed.

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