Easy! Steps to get paid to play video games

Video Games are more popular than ever these days. I know that my school has figuratively (and potentially literally) been taken over by Fortnight. Gaming is so popular, and such a big market, that there is now a market to get paid to play video games. That’s right, you can actually earn a decent side-income from gaming at home. 


Although you know gaming is not a new phenomenon. Hell, I know that I was a teenager, my dream was to get paid to play video games. Well, my dream was also to play Soccer in the World Cup, which would be quite an achievement with my limited athleticism. Regardless, to be able to earn an income playing my PlayStation seems like a dream come true.


Whilst my passion for video games has died down over the years, the gaming scene has exploded with e-sports becoming a multi-million dollar industry in itself.



To keep up with the market, massive video game companies, like EA and Nintendo, are freelancing their video game testing duties out.


This is where you come in. As you know, freelancing is a great startup business idea, and you can earn some great side-cash if you find the right clients.


get paid to play video games


Can I really get paid to play video games?

Yep, there are businesses out there who are willing to pay you to test their video games for them. These companies have millions of dollars riding on the success of their video games. Therefore, the testing phase is one of the more important parts of the video game process.

A poorly developed video game results in refunds, and when these companies are on strict schedules, they need to get through testing done as quickly as possible.


Hell, check out Nintendo’s Tennis World Tour, set for a June 2018 release. A game that was “20% completed” weeks before release.

It turns out that rather than postponing the release to spend more time on development, the company chose to release the game anyway to avoid “losing the benefit of marketing campaigns already committed”, as well as making sure it launched during the 2018 French Open for maximum selling potential. The focus from here is to reportedly release an updated, refined edition of the game next year, with a brand new Tennis World Tour already planned for 2020-2021.


Tennis World Tour is a classic example of the pressure that Video Game developers are under. Even the big-dogs like Nintendo. They need to eliminate as many bugs, and mistakes as they can before they go to maket.


Now, you may have picked up on the words ‘bugs’ and ‘mistakes’ in the article. These games that you’re testing won’t be perfect. In fact, some of them will be riddled with mistakes.

You won’t be playing the finished product. You’re testing for a reason.

But if you’re willing to go through with Video Game testing anyway, it is a profitable side business that almost anybody can do.



  • Good money, especially if you stick it out. Testers with over six years experience earn an average of $70,658 a year.
  • Complete the testing in your own time
  • Suitable for any weather
  • Work your own hours
  • Decide what jobs you take, and what ones you don’t
  • Potential to start an agency or a business once you become a known commodity in the scene



  • At times the jobs can be boring or monotonous (but what job isn’t)
  • Extremely difficult to find your own clients.


As you can see, the positives of the job far outweigh the negatives. However, the biggest problem with the side hustle is to find someone to give you the work so you can get paid to play video games. Luckily I have looked through that for you.


A close up shot of a white PS4 gaming system


How do I find video game testing jobs?

Now, this is the tricky part. Video game testing seems like a unicorn of a job; Too good to be true. However, like every hidden gem, you’ve got to dig to find it.


There are three main ways that you seek out clients


Work directly with the companies

Try contacting the companies and businesses directly. This is something that you would not be able to do from the very first day, as most big gaming brands outsource their testing. However, if you know contacts in the video game industry, this would be you best option.


Work with an agency

There are plenty of agencies out there who charge a commission on their services to set you up for video game testing jobs. These agencies usually take anywhere between 10% and 20% of each job, which impacts your hip pocket, especially as you’re beginning your journey.


Gaming Jobs Online

Unlike a regular agency, Gaming Jobs Online charges a reasonable flat monthly rate and you keep all the fees from the video game companies. The reason that they can afford to do this is that seeing they have been around since 2008, they have enough of the market to be able to afford to only charge a monthly fee and not a commission.


Side Hustle rating: 4/5

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