Easy to start home business ideas for teachers

You have probably heard of Tony Robbins; he is the incredibly tall self-help dude from those early 2000’s infomercials. Well, anyway, he is still a big deal (and a big dude), and a quote of his that I love is “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” If you want to achieve a little more, you need to do a little more. For educators, a side business can not only be an excellent extra source of revenue, but it is also a great hobby to have outside of the classroom. However, thinking of home business ideas for teachers can be difficult, so here is a list of ideas to get those creative juices flowing.


Four home business ideas for teachers


1. Tutoring

You may not know this, but I grew up on a fruit farm. One thing I learned from there (besides the fact I am not cut out to be a farmer) is that the low hanging fruit is often the sweetest. The same principle applies here. If you are attempting to start a side business, then tutoring is a logical first step.

Combine skills that you already use every day in the classroom, and start using them to fill your pockets at an excellent hourly rate. Just completing a few hours a day can turn add hundreds of dollars a week. If you teach senior high school, then charging upward of $85 an hour for tutoring is not unrealistic.



The best part is that there are no overhead costs, especially when you begin. Furthermore, starting your tutoring career is simple. You can advertise on Facebook and in local newspapers if you want to get some eyes on your business. Moreover, tutoring will help your day-job in regards to solving new problems, extra experience with different schools’ curriculum and working with students in a different environment.


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2. Freelance your skills

Are you a bit of a grammar-freak? Does a passive voice secretly upset you? Well then perhaps you can unleash your grammar beast and start profiting from it. Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork are becoming more and more popular, with freelancing predicted to be a leading workforce sector sooner rather than later. No matter what your skill is, odds are, someone out there is willing to pay you to do it. On freelancing websites, you can copy write, proofread, transcribe audio, video edit, and a whole lot more.

If you want a non-commital side-business then freelancing may be for you as you only take on the jobs that you choose to. So, for example, if it is coming up to report writing time, then you may not take on new clients for a week. However, if you’re managing your time well you may want to take on even more clients.

You may not get rich quick from freelancing, but for often minimal output, you can make some cash on the side.



3. Sell teaching resources


Another low hanging fruit that is over-ripe for the picking (does that even make sense? I told you I wasn’t cut out for farming), is selling what you already make. Odds are, the resources that are filed away somewhere on your computer will be the perfect resource for another teacher out there. All that you may need to do to your worksheets and lesson plans is add a cover page and some images on an image creation site like Canva and start your store on Teachers pay teachers, or TES, or another similar website.


The best part, if you had to make a resource because you couldn’t find anything that did the job online, odds are another teacher has done the same. You never know how something like this will take off.


A basic example


A few years ago, I was teaching Macbeth to my year eleven English class and could not find a short, decent summary video for the first act (I had the feeling my students were not going to read it at home as I asked). Anyway, I put together a simple video on PowToon and uploaded it to create an ed.ted lesson.

Then I forgot all about it.


Do you know what happened? That video which I put together in about five minutes now is at the top of Google and has been viewed over thirteen thousand times. I didn’t know this for a few years until I taught the book again at another school and found the video to show my students.

While in the grand scheme of YouTube, thirteen thousand views are not ground-breaking at all, if you had thirteen thousand people sitting in your living room, it might start to look like a lot. You can learn three things from this.

  1. You never know what piece of content you make will gain momentum.
  2. That PowToon music at the end of their videos is terrifying.
  3. There are other teachers out there who want resources from people like you!


Check out the video below, as you can see, it is nothing special, but it did the job for my class.

4. Affiliate marketing

The last of these home business ideas for teachers may not be the ‘easiest’ to start. In fact, to do it correctly, it will take a while. However, if you get it right, the benefits are enormous. Affiliate marketing is one of the most prominent business models and income streams in the online world. What is affiliate marketing? Good question. You lead potential customers to purchase products from particular websites, and, in turn, gain a commission on their sale.



We see affiliate marketing all the time; sometimes we may not even know it. For example, every Amazon ad you look with suggested items is an affiliate link. If someone clicks on that link from your page and buys from Amazon, you gain a commission. The best part about Amazon is that you earn a commission on anything that person purchases on the site for the next day, not just the product you linked to. For example, if your link is to a book and someone clicks on that link and eventually buys a flatscreen TV, you get the percentage of the TV sale.



Now, odds are you won’t write a post promoting a product and start raking in the big bucks. However, if your content is good, your readership will grow. From there, extra income will begin to come in. The best part is that once your content is getting views, the pay can be entirely passive. I remember hearing a story about a guy who was right into tropical fish and had quite the collection. What this guy did was start a blog reviewing different fish tanks and used affiliate links. He didn’t promote the site as a business, he just really liked his fish. Then after a couple of months, a few cheques started coming in the mail. Then they kept coming. Over time, his site gained more and more viewers, and the affiliate income followed. By writing about something you are passionate or knowledgeable about, you can start to generate affiliate income too.


So there are four ideas for potential side-hustles!

While there have been four home business ideas for teachers, it is essential to find something that resonates with you. You have to pick something that you enjoy, and something that you feel as though you can add value. If you are intending on starting a business just to make some quick money, it is best to take up a part-time job. Trust me.


My challenge to you is to think about what side hustle you want to begin.

What fields do you have skills or passions with, and what value can you give people?

Comment and let me know.

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