Interview booking calendar

I am always looking for teachers and business owners that would give value and who would like to be interviewed on the Smart Edupreneur Podcast.

A little about the pod

  • Started this year (2018).
  • The aim of the podcast is to encourage teachers to start their own businesses and bring innovation/entrepreneurship into their classroom.
  • Interviews with business owners, other edupreneurs, and teachers who are leading entrepreneurship within their schools.


A few tips and tricks to make this run smoothly

  • Interviews will be mostly conducted via Zoom, although there is scope to have a live Facebook chat (which we can discuss via email).
  • While I will confirm the booking here, we will still chat by email in the leadup to workout times etc..
  • Interview time is approx an hour, which includes some chatting before we record.
  • Interviews will be repurposed in a few different ways, so you get the most from your time.
  • We will chat about topics and whatnot via email, however, I like to have an informal chat and see where it takes us (if you would rather set questions, let me know in advance)
  • In the days leading up to the interview, I will send you an email with the link to the interview, and instructions on how to make sure everything works.

Again, I am really looking forward to chatting, and cannot wait to see where our conversation takes us!


Booking calendar!