How to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

When learning how to sell teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, there is a lot to learn. Different membership options and ways to advertise. Learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers seems like a skill in itself.


However, when learning how to sell teaching resources, knowing the basics of the platform will save you many hours (and dollars) in the future. If you want to learn how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, you need to know the platform.


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Different Memberships for Teachers Pay Teachers


Teachers and TpT members can start selling their unique resource at the online marketplace anytime. Homeschoolers, in particular, can get their stuff bought, and publishers can distribute their material on the platform, earning a significant amount of money in the process.


Standard Teacher Membership

Standard is free and a great starting point for teachers who are looking for teaching aids to buy. Education sellers may also apply for membership at via the Standard account level.


Seller Upgrade

Get up to 60% in royalty fees for the content you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and $.30 for every transaction made at the online marketplace.


Premium Seller Upgrade

Pay for $59.95 per year and get up to 85% in royalty fees with zero transaction fees. If you intend on selling, then this is the best option.


Publisher Membership

For publishers who wish to sell original teaching aid products. This account level features no transaction or annual fees, and you can gain up to 85% in royalty fees for the items. Digital sales are 50/50, with half going to the TPT platform.


Opening Your Store


Start by creating your membership profile and a short description of your story and your teaching experience. You can test out the waters by going with a Basic Account (which is free) that gives TpT about 40% of your commissions made from sales. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, there’s always the option to upgrade so you can get a better share of the sales pie. Teachers can set up the payment to be sent to their PayPal account periodically.


You’ll have to create a lesson that’s free before you can start selling with Teachers Pay Teachers. This content can be about reading assignments, group projects, arts & crafts, class decorations, etc. and it has to be in either Word, PDF, HTML or Wordperfect file format.


Once your store is set up, you’ll be provided with a unique Teachers Pay Teachers URL, much like the one you get on Amazon, Facebook, etc. You can personalise your page further by uploading a logo or an image. The more memorable it is, the better!



sell teaching resources on teachers pay teachers
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Creating your content – finding your niche


So, which type of educational content are you good at? Create your curriculum and carve out a niche. Then, decide on the target audience you’ll be selling the content to. If you have the time, do extra research and choose from various design archetypes by reading up on reviews, blogs, similar content marketplaces, etc. Choose the program where you’ll be doing most of the editing, designing and polishing.


Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas for you:


  • Worksheets
  • Lesson Plans
  • Clip Art
  • Word Games
  • Math Games
  • Writing Activities
  • Comprehension Activities
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Personal planning resources
  • Assessment templates
  • Fonts
  • Tests
  • Guided reading mentor texts



Keep in mind that in some content you’ll have to be specific regarding age or educational level. Depending on how much time you have, you can create single projects or do a whole semester’s worth of curriculum. The range of learning material is really up to you. You can create unique education courses or learning aids that facilitate emotional and social learning, for instance.


Better yet, why not work with the wealth of content you already have, repurpose it and breathe new life into it? Start with the highest quality ones so you can build up a solid customer base. Other factors to consider include usefulness, and time that other teachers can save when they get your content.



Set the right price

One other thing- content you create should be priced a bit lower if you’re new to TPT. The idea here is that you haven’t built up a reputation in the platform, to compete with price and resource quality. Don’t price it too low or some teachers might think it’s rushed or unusable. If you stay consistent in your creation, the resources and sales will quickly add up.


Also, know your value. You worked hard on your resources, so put a fair price tag on your creation.


Take the extra time to create attractive covers to get more interested buyers. Visual stimulation is significant, and it could mean the difference between success and having to wait weeks or months before a teacher picks your material up. Also, include how the content can help teachers and what it adds to the teaching table. The details should be complete and descriptive.



Promoting Your Store


A good thing about Teachers Pay Teachers is that there’s a lot you can do to promote your content. For starters, you can keep an active eye out on your store’s comments and social media sites and reply as soon as you can. Trust me, this works a treat and develops relationships with your customers. Externally, here are some things you can do:



Promote your store by creating useful and informative content in the form of articles. You can then do a soft sell on a product and link to it using anchor texts.


Post On Social Media

Create snapshots of your work and upload it to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Post regularly and interact with your followers. A video that shows how your content can be used in the classroom is especially helpful in selling educational products. Observe the 80/20 rule, where the majority of your posts are solely yours. Share funny memes, stories, include your favourite quotes, family pictures or adorable shots of your furry friend to show your personal side. You can even schedule your social media posts to make it a passive stream of advertising.


Advertise on Teachers Pay Teachers

There is even a way to promote your own products on TPT. However, opportunities are limited and usually sell out quickly!


All in all, Teachers Pay Teachers is an excellent marketplace and a platform where teachers can be entrepreneurs and customers at the same time. Buyers and sellers both benefit from the very supportive TPT community. Most importantly, you reach and tap on students’ learning potential across the nation.


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