SEP 010: Teachers’ well-being and self-care with Ellen Ronalds Keene

The internal and external pressures on teachers are greater than ever. In a world where we need to seemingly do more than ever before, teachers’ well-being and taking time to ‘re-fuel the car’ is more important than ever.

Among a few other side hustles (which we discuss) Ellen Ronalds Keene is the host of the popular Self Care For Teachers podcast which focusses on teachers’ well-being. Ellen and I chat about a range of topics, both business and self-care related such as.

  • How to organically start a freelancing business
  • Podcast hosting
  • The ‘tells’ that you may need to focus more on self-care
  • The steps you can take if you’re burning yourself out

Links from the show

Self-Care For Teachers Podcast

Ellen’s Twitter

Ellen’s facebook

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Teachers health and teacher wellbeing podcast episode.


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