99 side jobs for teachers that you can start today

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. That’s why we do it. However, if you’re like me, sometimes you may be left feeling like you want a little more. Maybe you don’t think you’ll be teaching forever. All around the world, teachers make money online in so many different ways.  There are hundreds of opportunities for you to start a passion project, learn some new skills, and give your life that something extra. And hey, the extra money is good too. These side jobs for teachers should give you enough inspiration to start your journey today.


You may only consider it a pipedream, and that you’re teaching takes priority. However, I have a story for you. When I started my first online business with Why Knot Ties, and it completely flicked the switch for me in the classroom. I started learning new skills, skills that suit the modern workforce we are preparing our students for. I also gained a sense of freedom from having vested interests outside of school. Below I have listed ways teachers make money online, and if you’re not that way inclined, there are even some traditional face to face side-hustles too. It ultimately became my genius hour.


By no means, is this a definitive list with every step you need to take, but there are enough ideas on this list to find something that you want to explore further.


If you’re looking to start, make sure you check out the directory, where I let you in on all the tools I use!


teachers make money online side jobs for teachers


99 side jobs for teachers and ways that teachers make money online


1. Online tutoring.

Online tutoring is an amazing option to teach more students around the world.


2. Curriculum creator.

Take your curriculum planning to the masses and freelance your skills to schools.


3. Online travel agent

Teachers can use their organisational skills to find great deals in various vacation destinations.


4. Summer nanny

Since teachers are great with kids, they will make good nanny or babysitter for couples who are too busy to watch their kids this summer.

5. Moving coordinator

Because teaching requires great organisation skills, you can use the skills to help people move.

6. Caterer

If you love to cook, you can use the skills to organise parties and provide them with beautiful dishes that you have handcrafted.

7. Cake baker/decorator

If you love to bake, this will be a great treat for you. Show off your baking skills and make some money on the side.

8. Sell your teaching resources

Odds are you have a lot of great teaching resources. There are also a lot of teachers out there willing to pay for teaching resources. Seems like a good match! So many teachers make money online doing this.

9. College admission consultant (USA)

Since you are a teacher, you have the upper hand. This is your chance to give students advice, edit their statement, and teach them the ropes of getting into the college of their choice.

10. Writing grants

Teachers have excellent writing skills, use that to write grants for nonprofit organisations.

11. Event planner

If you are experienced running school event, then you can help other people run other events. This is also a wonderful opportunity to use your skills to make extra cash.

12. Host children’s birthday parties

Teachers are great at creating activities to keep children entertained. You can be the host of a child’s birthday party and make some extra cash.

13. Make party favours

If you love arts and crafts, this would be a great opportunity for you to make some extra cash.

14. Affiliate marketing

You can join Amazon affiliate or other affiliate marketing and create a blog to help sell their products. This is a great passive income opportunity to make some extra cash.

15. Design websites or blogs

You can create a blog to talk about all your teaching events and skills. Then you can add some advertisement and make some money when people read your blog and click on your ads.

16. Closet organiser

If you love organising anything, then this is a great opportunity to use that obsession to organise other people‘s closet.

17. Personal stylist

If you have a great sense of style, you can use that skill set to shop for clothes and provide clients with great pieces that they can put in their own closet.

18. Virtual assistant

You can work from home and help people make appointments, phone calls, data entry, or anything that they need to be done.

19. Proofreader/copy editor

Since you are a teacher, that means you’re good at editing and proofreading papers. It only makes sense, since that is how you determine the grade of the article. Use that skills to make some side hustle on proofreading other people’s paper.

20. Vending machine investor

You can invest in a vending machine at your school, or a local sports club and keep it full and stocked.

21. Sell handmade arts and craft

If you are very artsy and love making artistic things, you can visit Etsy and sell those for extra cash.

22. Sell things online

If you have books or anything lying around that you don’t want, you can go on eBay and sell them for extra cash. There is even a side-hustle in flipping goods from buy/swap/sell pages online for a profit.

23. E-commerce.

You can create an online E-commerce shopping store, and sell things to make extra money. In particular, drop shipping, where you can run an E-commerce store without ever holding any stock.

24. Sales consultant

You can sell things for other companies and make a commission.

25. Public speaking

Teachers are always talking to a room filled with students all the time. They can provide their public speaking skills to others. Running professional development is a great way to earn some extra cash.

26. Write a book

Teachers can write a book, self-publish on Amazon, and make money is from the sales. There are so many part-time self-published authors out there.

27. Caring for the elderly

You can go to other peoples home, and care for senior citizens. There is always part-time employment for anybody willing to do it!

28. Dog walking

This is an excellent opportunity to walk a loyal companion, get some fresh air and exercise, and get paid at the same time. That and who doesn’t love dogs?

29. Animal photography

Speaking of dogs, if you love animals, you can take pictures of people‘s pets in cute positions, and make some money from it.

30. User testing

You can help company websites to test their products and online services to make sure it works correctly. This will give you the opportunity to make an excellent side hustle while trying out some incredible products. Especially handy if you ever intend on creating your products one day.

31. Consultant

Teachers are experts at teaching; they can use their skills to create a side hustle by consulting their expertise with clients.

32. Family Photography

You have a great way with children, so why not use that skills to take cute pictures of children. You can use your skills to keep the child calm and smiling.

33. Product photography

You can help companies take excellent pictures of their product to post online.


34. Acting as an extra

There are casting agencies all around the capital cities who are looking for extras for films and TV shows. You can earn some extra cash while being a small part of a movie.


35. Ghostwriting

Usually, teachers have excellent writing skills. This is the chance to showcase that skill by writing anonymously for people. You can make some serious cash doing that this. Freelance your skills on Fiverr to get clients quickly.


36. House cleaning

You can make significant money cleaning people’s houses. In some cases, some cleaners have reported that they get paid over eighty dollars per hour doing this.


37. Personal trainer

If you are passionate about fitness, share your skills and expertise at the gym to help people who want to look good or lose weight. You can also make some pretty good money out of it.


38. Life coach

Coaching is becoming one of the biggest job markets out there, with corporations investing in high-level coaching. There are people out there that need some guidance to know what to do in life. Since a teacher’s job is to guide students, they can use that skill sets to guide adults as well.


39. Woodwork

Good with your hands? Try making HUGE money with woodworking.


40. Design prints

The arty type? If you love designing shirts or other objects, you can consider design print. This is where you create digital designs and photographs for pillowcases, clothes, and other accessories.


41. Network marketing

There are a lot of network marketing businesses out there that get you meeting people and building connections.


42. Website designer

If you’re tech-savvy, there are thousands of people out there who need help developing their websites. Get started on Fiverr and start reaching out.


43. Sound editing

It seems like everybody has a podcast these days. Hell, I will probably have one soon enough. Podcast hosts need someone to fix their sound and get the recordings ready to upload.


44. Music teacher

If you are an expert at playing specific instruments, you can start a side hustle. There are always people willing to pay for music lessons.


45. Become a referee

If you love sports, you can get paid to watch and regulate sports game as a referee.


46. Online course creator

Have a skill you can share? Start selling your online courses to millions of buyers on Udemy. Discover Udemy’s featured courses!

47. Makeup consultant

Are you an expert in makeup and products, as well as tone on the face. Are they even makeup terms? I have no idea. Regardless, this is an opportunity to provide your expertise to people who want to look stunning.


48. Interior decorator

Do you have an amazing ability to decorate houses.? If that’s the case, you should be an interior decorator and help clients make their home look beautiful.


49. Membership website

If you have the stuff to sell or knowledge to share, create a membership website. This is a great way to make cash at home. You can charge clients on a monthly basis, and provide them with information that they need from the websites. This is an advanced way that teachers make money online.


50. Pet Groomer

If you love animals, you can make some pretty good cash grooming by, cleaning and give dogs a good haircut.


51. Financial consultant

Teachers know a lot about math. Well, some do. Teachers who know how to save their money and a bit about taxes, can provide their expertise and make some pretty good revenues on the side.


52. Home Stager

You can connect with real estate agents to provide them with your service of making a home better before selling it out. You can earn some pretty good commission for that.


53. Party Hire

Start with something like a jumping castle and hire it out for birthday parties and events.


54. Resume and cover letter writing

There is an opportunity to outsource your resume and cover letter writing to employment agencies, along with freelancing opportunities.


55. House Flipping

If you’re good with the tools, you can purchase a house for a lower price, renovate it, then sell it for a higher price. You can profit by a lot with this method.


56. Exam correction

Since you been in the educational system for quite a while, that means you can use your knowledge to assess standardised end of year exams.


57. Tour guide

If you know the city very well, why not be a tour guide? Make money by showing people great places to dine, hang out, or any interesting historical events.


58. Graphic designers

If you know how to Photoshop, then you are in business! You can make some excellent side hustle as a graphic designer to create Awesome graphics for websites.


59. Family history research

If my grandma were going to have a way to make money online, this would be it. You can help people research their family history and lineage. This can be valuable information for people and can earn you some extra cash in your pocket.


60. Family reunion coordinator

Again, channelling my grandma. Family reunions are great (sometimes), but they need someone to organise the thing! You can be that person.


61. Furniture repair

If you are good at fixing furniture, you can earn some serious cash by repairing other people’s furniture.


62. Furniture flipping

People often want to get rid of their furniture for cheap online. You can make money online by buying it, restoring it and selling it off.


63. Toy assembly

You can also help toy shops build toys for children as well. You can make some pretty good money out of it.


64. Bike technician

If you are good at repairing and building bikes, you can advertise that in the neighbourhood. There are many middle-aged men in lycra that are willing to delegate bike repair to somebody else.


65. Personal Shopper

Some people can be too lazy or too busy to do their shopping. Lucky for you, you can step and do this for them.


66. Wedding celebrant

If you’re a good speaker, you can get your marriage celebrant license and start freelancing your services.


67. Gift customizer

You can work for hallmark stores to customise gifts and earn some extra cash on the side.


68. Pants hammer

If the personal training listed above doesn’t work, you can help people fit into their favourite jeans by tailoring it to their size.


69. Gardening

Summer is an excellent time for this type of side hustle. This is where flowers, trees, and bushes grow the fastest. Use this opportunity to work as a gardener and make a lot of money.


70. Hobby Farm

If you have a green thumb, you can start a small farm and sell at produce markets.


71. Scrapbooks.

Find companies like Snapfish and upload your memories to be used as decorative shoebox fillings, or other decorations.


72. Podcasts

Start a podcast, and build a fanbase of listeners. You can make money from advertising.


73. Content writer

You can help websites create exciting content and blogs for their website to interact with their readers.


74. Drive people around

You can work for companies like Uber, and make an excellent side hustle driving people around.


75. Landlord

You can rent out an extra room or a house to anyone that comes in to visit or live and make extra money on a monthly basis. You can also rent out a spare room on Air B&B.


76. Bookkeeper

If you are a math teacher, or good with numbers, you can help companies with their finances through bookkeeping.


77. Online ad agency

If you know basic advertising (and don’t mind research), you can run a Facebook ad agency.


78. Media editing

You don’t need to be an IT or software expert to edit media. If you can edit, you can start freelancing.


79. Social media manager.

You can do this in the comfort of your own home. Companies are using social media to communicate with their potential customers. You can be a social media manager by scheduling posts and communicating with the customers to improve sales.


80. Sampler distributor

You can help companies distribute free samples to their customers. Also, you can communicate with the customer about the brand to boost their sales.


81. Fulfil online orders

Because a lot of retailers are switching to online platforms to improve their sales, you can help these companies to fill online orders to complete the transaction.


82. Apartment turnover

Get in contact with a property manager, and use your repairing and decorating techniques to renovate the apartment and turn it over to a potential client to make a monthly payment.


83. Art therapist

This is an excellent way for teachers to use their skills to help others. For example, you can teach an art class to help relax senior citizens or mental health patients.


84. Caddying

You can enjoy the fresh air and golf game by helping people carry their golf equipment or drive the golf cart.


85. Child proofer

Help couples baby proof their homes so it can be safe for their new arrival. That means covering up sharp edges and lock certain doors.


86. Deliver newspapers and direct mail marketing

Summer is a great time to enjoy the fresh air and practice you’re throwing skills. You can also exercise by riding your bike with the bag of newspapers and throw them door-to-door. Earn some serious cash with this.


87. Gift wrapper

You can work for a company to help people wrap their gifts after purchase. After all, the presentation is everything.


88. Medical filer

You can help private medical office to organise the patient files so they are easily accessible.


89. Car valet

You can help people find a parking space for their car. You will make money from the valet company and extra tips from people.


90. Transcriber

This is a favourite way teachers make money online. People have videos or tape recording of notes that they need to be transcribed on a document. If you are a fast typer, then you can do this with ease and earn a good amount of cash.


91. Translator

If you are bilingual, you can help people translate what they need. This is very useful in the hospital because you can help doctors translate what the patients are saying and vice versa.


92. Pool cleaning

This is very lucrative during the summer because people often use the pool. Help them keep their pool clean on a weekly basis.


93. Driveway repair

Annoying cracks can be a pain in the butt for homeowners. Seize the opportunity, and help them repair these cracks and make some serious side money.


94. Resource locator

Get paid to help people find things that they can’t find on their own. Some people have a hard time finding what they are looking for and that is where you come in. Hell, it works for Google.


95. Costume maker

If there is a summer play, you can use your tailoring and styling skills to make costumes for the actors and actresses.


96. Car Detailer

Some people love to decorate and detail their cars. Take action and make that extra money by detailing the car on the spot.


97. Wedding hairstylist

Every bride and groom needs a personal hairstylist during their wedding. Be that person and make that extra money on the side.


98. Food delivery

Help restaurants deliver food to their customer’s house. You can make money from both the restaurant and tips from the customers.


99. Advertise for the business

Businesses always need help advertising their product. You can be a mascot dancing in front of the company, or you can put the company logo and product on your car. There are so many ways that you can get paid to help the company advertise.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this massive list of potential ways that teachers make money online and offline. Now there is no excuse for not finding the right idea!

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  1. Such a great resource! Very varied in skills required and job types. I’m curious about which jobs pay the best from this list. Or, really, which pay best in relation to how much time/effort they require.

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