Your first step in starting a gratitude journal

Starting a gratitude journal can be a daunting prospect. Writing down what you’re thankful for can seem like a waste of time, or even if you are interested there are so many options on where to start. If you’re overwhelmed, then you’re not alone.

The effect that gratitude has in weight loss is starting to be become well known, and finally, gain more credibility amongst scientists; Researchers at UC Davis Emmons Lab have found that people who kept gratitude journals:

  • Exercised more regularly
  • Reported fewer physical complaints
  • Experienced better sleep quality and duration
  • Felt a greater sense of connection to others
  • Were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals
  • Had higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy
  • Felt better about their lives as a whole

The benefits all sound amazing. However, you need to know how to start.

Taking that first step in starting a gratitude journal


The first step you need to take in starting a gratitude journal is obvious, but an important one. You don’t need to create a big, fancy, beautiful book. You don’t need to trowl the internet to find the perfect template for you. The first step in starting is actually to start. Buying a fifty-cent exercise book and writing down three things a day is fifty times more beneficial than spending valuable time looking for the ‘perfect’ template. Odds are, you’ll suck at it anyway, so make sure you start as early as possible.

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