What are gratitude jars?

Do you like the concept of gratitude but need to ease into gratitude training? Are you time-poor? Do you have a spare thirty seconds a day? I have heard of them, but what are gratitude jars?


Practicing gratitude takes one of your most valuable resources, your time. While it is an extremely efficient way to use that time, it is still ten minutes from your day to record into a gratitude journal.

If you want to start practising gratitude with fewer time-commitments, or even if you’re going to ease into keeping a full gratitude journal at a later date, a gratitude jar is a perfect compromise.


So, what are gratitude jars and how do I use them?


A gratitude jar is a simple concept. Every day for a month, write three things you are thankful for in the day and place it in a jar. At the end of the month, open your jar and read over all the things you were thankful for this month.


The best part is, you can be more flexible with your entries.

  • If you want to date your entry, you can
  • If you want to write an entry every time you’re thankful, you can
  • What if you want to only write once a day, well you can do that too.


By completing a basic task like this, you get all the benefits of a practising gratitude, but with a much more basic and easy-to-follow format. If you have current weight loss goals, then the benefits of practising gratitude are profound, by linking to your happiness to things you already have, instead of things you don’t, you can tackle your weight loss with a clear and uncompromised mind.


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