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Entrepreneurship and innovation holiday program for young learners

Turn School Holidays Into Innovation Time
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You many not have to be an entrepreneur, but you at least need to think like one
Don Wettrick
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Learn The Basics

Learn the basics: Finding your passion, business numbers, unique selling proposition, defining a target market.

Build Your Idea

Build on your business idea, using your passion to create a business.

Pitch Your Business

Pitch your business idea to a panel of local business owners. 

It's about more than being financially independant, it's about making the world a better place...

Innovative and create a startup

We live in a changing world. 

It is predicted that almost 50% of jobs are now freelance, with the number seeming to rise every day.

The new freelance economy means that your child is entering a completely new workforce. A workforce that prioritises innovation and thinking outside the box. A workforce that requires a new way to think.

The days of compliance are close to over! Every job that can be automated eventually will be; That is why people entering the freelance economy need a new set of skills, not just being able to do as you’re told. 

Traditionally, education has modelled compliance and the creativity of children has suffered. The current education system is doing all it can to change their ways and keep up. 

However, the world is changing faster than the system; These moving goal posts are almost impossible to score from. 

To make things worse, the government’s laws and the university system tie the hands of schools as they still play a game with outdated rules. 

In order to have your child achieve all they can, you need to do a little bit more. 

Similar to how you used to send a child to a tutor to excel, now, a child needs those innovative skills to achieve all they can later on. 

That is where we come in.


What Age Group Is This For?

The program is designed for 10-12 year-olds. However, there is a bit of leeway for 13 year-olds who register interest.

Who will be hosting the workshop?

Hosting the workshop will be Vince Massara. Vince is a high school teacher based in Melbourne and business owner who has helped high school aged students create projects from their passions before.

Where will the program be held

The initial pilot program will be held in Geelong, Victoria.

Will My Teen Be Properly Cared For?

We cap class sizes to 16 students to make sure that all get the appropriate one-on-one attention.

What will my child need to bring?

Teens will need to bring their own device that has wifi capabilities (preferably a laptop),  and lunch for each day. There will be fruit and water provided.

I Have More Questions

If you have any more questions about the program, please contact

How Much does the program cost?

In order to make the sessions accessible for as many people as possible, there is a range of different pricing options.


One Person – $250 (incl. $50 to secure your spot)



Two People – $400
Three People – $500


Day One: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Day Two: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Final Presentation Begins at 2:30 pm

Let's Raise Our Kids To Be Entrepreneurs

I'm in.... Now what do I do?

Just register your email in the form below, and I will keep you updated.

As this is a pilot program, we rely on initial numbers, so make sure you register if you’re interested. 

We will offer a free ticket for the program for the first eight registered.

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