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The Smart Edupreneur Podcast gives you the chance t0 learn from other teachers who are starting businesses and bringing innovation and entrepreneurship into their classrooms.
Discover how to take action and get results as they do, straight from the teachers themselves.

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"This is a fabulous podcast with takeaways for all teachers. Vince is a natural presenter with strong interview skills. The insights of both the guests and Vince are always so interesting. They show that there are many benefits to having a side hustle beyond the obvious financial benefits."

Craft Your Exit Strategy Out Of Teaching With Elizabeth Diacos

We love teaching but…. As we are heading towards the end of another busy school year, I am sure the thought of leaving teaching has crossed your mind. In fact, we lose more and more great teachers every year. Teaching is a hard job, and it is seemingly getting harder every year. Elizabeth Diacos is […]

Coding In Schools With Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks has a different story to most guests on this podcast, however, Josh has started a great business to solve a problem with our education system.

Getting speaking gigs with Joel Hawbaker

Ever wanted to be a professional speaker? Joel Hawbaker is a Real Life Leader (and can be found at www.reallifeleader.com). He is an award-winning high school teacher and soccer coach in Alabama. Joel balances his family life and teaching with a side-business as a speaker. In this interview, Joel shares his wisdom on a number […]

Being A Better Teacher With Ken Wallace Of Educator Impact

Be a better teacher you can be and be a part of a positive school culture. Ken Wallace is the CEO of Educator Impact, who look to support teachers, leaders, and support staff improve their practice. Ken chats about how to empower your school to grow professionally in an environment that is safe, simple and […]